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Welcome to DIPI 2020!

The ubiquitous presence of data originating from the integration of wireless networks, pervasive computing, industrial equipment and people has led to an increased interest in solutions for distributed data management and efficient data distribution at the edge of the networked environments. At the same time, the cyber-physical convergence, which assists cyber components such as sensing systems and dynamic physical components such as industrial and mechanical systems to achieve close interactions and feedback loops, leads to the industry's transition towards industrial integration and informatization. Those advancements encompass not only hardware and software, but also data integration and embrace a collection of techniques that use data analysis, manipulation, and distribution to achieve higher efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and security within the industrial and pervasive internet. The essence of this vision is the creation of data-driven networks saturated with pervasive sensing, computing, and wireless communication that ideally support the needs of individuals, societies and industries. The existence of large volumes of data in the industrial and pervasive internet has already found its way into many current commercial systems due to the tremendous advances in a broad spectrum of technologies including industrial internet of things, pervasive computing and communications, and industrial cyber-physical systems.

DIPI 2020 will provide a leading edge technical forum for researchers, engineers, and students alike to share their state-of-the art research and developmental work in the area of data distribution in industrial and pervasive internet. The workshop intends to attract research contributions focusing on data distribution in pervasive and industrial internet from the following the communities of Industrial Internet, Pervasive Computing and Communications, Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things.

DIPI 2020 is sponsored by IEEE.


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